Did you know…?

Did you know…

  • You can find us on our own website, dyl.utwente.nl, but also on Twitter (@designyourlives) and Instagram (@designyourlifetwente)?
  • That our office at University of Twente is plastered with sticky notes? 471 at time of writing, to be exact.
  • That we already completed 10 case studies?
  • That we had the help of 9 graduation students in these design cases? Several of them even graduated cum laude!
  • That we organised 3 stakeholder meetings, with 25 participants who took part in one or more stakeholder meetings?
  • That we are currently processing all that data to inform the design of a brand new toolkit?
  • That we are working on much more behind the scenes, such as setting up a panel, writing multiple papers and setting up new case studies?
Image of one of the walls in the University of Twente office. The wall is plastered with text clippings and photos. Scattered in between are yellow, orange and pink sticky notes.
Image: Nathalie Overdevest. One of the walls in the University of Twente office.

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