Designing for Specific Users 2020

In the Spring of 2020 students of University Twente, Netherlands, co-designed new concepts for supportive products together with people from a variety of different user groups, as well as with care-givers and other stakeholders involved.

‘Designing for Specific Users’ is a project in module 7 of the second year of the bachelor of Industrial Design at the University of Twente.

The goal of this project is to

“Design a product (-system / – service) to ’empower’ a person with a (physical or cognitive) impairment in everyday life”

Student teams work closely together with multiple real stakeholders from different care organisations within the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. They learn all about the lives, experiences, needs, wishes and ideas from their contactperson. Together with their client (and their care-givers) they “co-design” an empowering product for them.

The results of each of the 18 teams can be found below by clicking on the icons.

Group 1
Group 2
Group 3

Group 4
Group 5
Group 6
Group 7
Group 8
Group 9