Welcome to the website of ‘Design your Life’

Design Your Life is a research project (2020 – 2024) funded by NWO and SIA-RAAK, involving the University of Twente (NWO lead) as well as HAN University of Applied Science (SIA-RAAK lead). Two phd students, a senior researcher and several bachelor and master graduation students are collaborating in researching and creating a hands-on creative toolkit that enables young autistic adults to design, create and iteratively adapt their own supportive (technological) environment, promoting independence and autonomy in everyday life.  

A graphic representation of the Design Your Life process. Six hexagons are placed in a circle, one additional hexagon is placed in the middle. The outer hexagons describe the design process: my situation, my focus, my ideas, my thing, my test and my lesson. The six hexagons in the circle are connected with arrows, emphasising the cyclic nature of the design process. The hexagon in the middle reads my ways & my world. All six outer hexagons contribute to the understanding of the ways and the world of the YAA.
A visual representation of the Design Your Life method.

An overview of the final toolkit contents.