Designing for Specific Users 2023

The 14th of April, this year’s Design for Specific Users (DSU) project market will take place at the University of Twente. There will be a jury that will determine the best project of this years edition.

The results of each of the 18 teams of the 2023 edition can be found below by clicking on the icons.

Group 1: Foldable Steps

Group 2: My Bunny Friend

Group 3: Wave Warmer

Group 4: ArtWheel Palette

Group 5: What would you do? – Interactive game

Group 6: Snyboard R

Group 7: Thermo Meater

Group 8: Lightmate

Group 9: Empowering painting

Group 10: The Foosball Table

Group 11: Maze Mind

Group 12: Card game

Group 13: Vysio

Group 14: Mario Planner

Group 15: InSight

Group 16: Measupp

Group 17: TED Glasses

Group 18: iTown