Designing for Specific Users 2024

This year’s Design for Specific Users (DSU) project market will take place at the Horst tower in the University of Twente on the 16th of April. As always, there will be a jury that will determine the best project out of the 16 teams that took part in this years edition.

Group 1: EasyUP

Group 2: Mumoba

Group 3: Tag Track

Group 4: iSpice

Group 5: Innercharm

Group 6: Block game

Group 7: HexaFrame

Group 8: Time Catcher

Group 9: Perfect Day

Group 10: Hug a Sloth

Group 11: Early Explorers

Group 12: Hemi Board

Group 13: VibeBike

Group 14: Point & Speak

Group 15

Group 16: My eyii