A successful multi-stakeholder meeting

On Monday 11th of October we held our third multi-stakeholdermeeting! During this meeting we presented our current progress in integrating all the insights from the 10 design cases and the previous stakeholder meetings into a new Design Your Life toolkit. The participants were a mixed group of autistic people, care professionals, innovation managers and solution creators – and many crossovers between these groups. During the meeting, the stakeholders were presented with the outcomes of the previous stakeholder meetings and discussed what they thought were the most essential takeaways. Finally, the participants were introduced to the new setup of the toolkit and were invited to discuss how well the essential takeaways were represented in a set of example activities.

The stakeholder meeting generated lively discussions and many valuable insights. We are excited to integrate this findings in the further design of the new Design Your Life toolkit. Many thanks to the stakeholders who donated their time and expertise to this session!

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