Femke Wonink: our newest DYL-graduate

On Thursday October 14th, Femke Wonink succesfully defended her thesis with the title ‘TO BE AND TO BECOME AN EVERYDAY DESIGNER’. For her master assignment in Industrial Design Engineering (University of Twente), she answers the question: How can the concept of everyday design help YAA and their caregivers in selecting / adapting / creating personalised technologies that empower young autistic adult in their daily lives? Femke designed the final toolkit based on feedback from her participants, a young autisitic adult and two of her caregivers.

The resulting toolkit consists of multiple sets of cards and cleverly incorporates principles of everyday design. This results in a toolkit that creates a low threshold for the participants to engage in a design process, while leaving room for personal additions within each activity.

Read more in Femke’s colloquium announcement.

Images: Femke Wonink

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