Design Your Life participants present at Autminds 2021

Image showing the Autminds logo and the writing 'congres for and by people with autism (and others who are interested)'. Below three icons: one of people talking, next to it a hand under a hovering light bulb, and on the right a lit match. Below that the text 'twelve workshops, lectures, discussions and activities around the theme "Just a little different".'

[Dutch version below] On October 10th two participants of the Design Your Life project will present their experiences using the Design Your Life method alongside Jelle van Dijk at the Autminds 2021 conference. This conference will take place online and this presentation will be held in Dutch. Find the program here.

Op 10 oktober presenteren twee deelnemers van het DYL project samen met Jelle van Dijk onze methode en hun ervaringen op Autminds 2021. Deze conferentie vindt online plaats en de presentatie wordt in het Nederlands gegeven. Vindt het programma van de conferentie hier.

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